Sunday, November 10, 2013


Boys really love parties, and for dinosaur lovers (like my son) they will certainly want a dinosaur themed party.
In order to make this experience enjoyable for both my son and his friends there were a few simple things needed.  I did find it easier to list and shop without my son in tow.  My husband would not call me the most organized person in the world, but when it comes to parties, everything is organized and planned out. However as a 7 year old, he certainly has an opinion on what to include and what not to include for his dinosaur party. Because it is my HIS party, he should have a voice.

I usually hunt on Etsy for the perfect invitation.  But found some on Also feel free to look on other blogs (like my blog) for ideas. And of course Pinterest! I know often people use e-vites and that is fine too. It does save time of having to purchase stamps, address each invitation and then put it in the mail. However, I still like mailing them. Or you can have your son hand them out at school. Just be careful to not exclude others from the party. Or if you do--make sure that they aren't aware. Most teachers frown upon handing out invitations to a "select" few. 

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Dinosaur themed party decorations are a must. They can purchased online, at stores and some can be easily crafted at home with craft paper.  As I have said many times before, I am not crafty but I often look on Pinterest on Etsy for inspiration. I love the idea of little boys stomping around in dinosaur feet and roaring. Watch out or T-rex! Or if that is not up your alley, perhaps a dinosaur mask, dinosaur bones or cast fossil.  I found all of these neat ideas here 

At my son's school they have "healthy" parties only. I am not against fruits and veggies but I LOVE sweets and so does my son. So at his parties we tend to have a balance. There are fruits and veggies as well as chips, ice cream etc. The important part to having a successful party is the food!
Below photos courtesy of Be sure to check out the blow for other great food ideas.

Decoration can be any color scheme that your son choices.  We often stick with greens and blues.  Tables are covered and balloons hung. Putting balloons on the mailbox helps party goers know exactly which house is the having the birthday party.

Play dinosaur related games; like pin the tail on the dinosaur. This NEVER gets old! Provide them with digging tools so they can dig through rocks for a dinosaur bones and dinosaur treasure.  
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We all love party favors right? Party favors can include dinosaur toys, Dinosaur stickers, orange and green candies and balloons.  Or even dinosaur crayons! Making dinosaur crayons as party favors is simple and easy. Also others moms will thank you for not sending home "junk" with their son.
Here are step by step instructions:

In the end just make sure that your son has a great time! And so often as mom's we run around the party  trying to make sure everyone is having a good time, or straighten up, or breaking fights that we don't take time to relax and enjoy the party.  Make sure you take a moment to take a picture with the birthday boy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Best Gift Ever: Comfy Cozy Pajamas

The Best Gift Ever: Comfy, Cozy Pajamas

Are you stumped about what to get your little boy for Christmas? If you are like me you are. Every year I say I will know what to get him for Christmas and every. single. year I face the same dilemma of what to get him. Or maybe you are NOT like me and you already know what you want to get him! Then please can you make my a Christmas list for my son next year?! Please :)

I am sort of a clothing snub and junkie when it comes to boys clothing and dressing my son. So one of my top picks every single year is boys' Christmas pajamas. This is one gift that my son looks forward to every single year! 
Giving pajamas to our son as a christmas present is classic and a tradition that and that I hope he carries on when he has children.

So why not get your boy pajamas? They are not only great to give, but also get to get. They ship and pack very well, which is an added bonus. When you purchase boys Christmas pajamas with a great Christmas theme, both you and your son or loved one will be thrilled. All these things and more (which we will get to in a moment) make these the ideal Christmas present, no matter his age, size, or interests. Plus, there are some new great designs that we absolutely love.

Why He’ll Love Them
The boy you have in mind will love Christmas pajamas as a gift. They are easy to care for, great to have for pictures, wear at bedtime, or just to wear around the house. You can purchase ones with their favorite Christmas figures or cartoons on them. You can rest assured that when you purchase boys Christmas pajamas that they will love this gift for many years to come. When it comes to a hot ticket item for boys boutique shopping, this is it. Your loved one will be cute, cozy, and comfortable in their new pair of Christmas pajamas. You may even want to start a family tradition of giving an item like this to them on Christmas Eve so they may wear them the next morning as you take pictures and shoot video of them opening other presents. 

Why You’ll Love Them
Did we mention these are cute? Not only is that true, but boys clothing is a cost effective gift, and none more so than pajamas. You can purchase them in sets, onesies, and more. Even if you are shopping for a few boys, you can purchase these gifts online or in stores, then easily ship them to their destination, or easily put them in one single box for wrapping. Just purchase one in their favorite colors, prints, or styles. This might be the easiest Christmas gift ever. 

Where to Find the Best Deals
Want to know where to find the best deals on boys Christmas pajamas? Start your search online. Not only can you find these on a variety of sites, but shopping online allows you to shop on your own schedule, compare prices, deals, products, and even customer reviews. Plus, when you shop online, you can have these types of presents shipped directly to you, or to your destination. Which for me is a perk as I do not LIKE the hustle and bustle of travel to and from stores during the holiday season. 

I become very cranky when I am unable to find a parking spot. Ugh, the joys of circling and circling, searching for spot that is not 3 miles away! I want to sit in the comforts of my home( wearing jammies) and shop, shop, shop!  Some services even offer gift wrapping for a small extra fee, or even for free. What are you waiting for?! Start searching for the perfect jammies today!