Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Memories

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the changing of the leaves and how colorful they are and fall brings back memories of childhood.

My siblings and I lived across the street from our Elementary school and would play on the playground often. The custodial staff would either rake or blow the leaves into HUGE piles. The piles seems so high to us. We often found ourselves jumping into the large piles over and over again. We would giggle as we ran around and threw leaves at each other! The joy I felt then was sheer bliss!

Many hours were spent outside not only during fall but most seasons as well. As most of you know, it was fairly common for us kids back in the day to spend most of our time outside playing and hanging out with our friends.

I was sharing my childhood memories with my son the other day and now he wants a leaf pile!  The only problem is--we don't have enough leaves in our yard to rake into a good pile. The fact that we don't have enough leaves to rake makes my husband happy but it also makes my son unhappy.

I suggested to my husband that we can go purchase leaves. He thought I was crazy and told me so. Jumping in leaves is a rite of passage in my eyes and my son should be able to experience that. I may not win The Battle of "Purchase of the Leaves" but we will find a pile!

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