Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back To School For Your Boy

Back to School Time is Fun with Cool Clothing and Accessories!


Remember how when you were a kid, summers seemed endless? On the last day of school it was as if you had all the time in the world ahead of you to swim, bike, play ball and so on. I can remember becoming bored a few times, and by the end of the summer, I was excited with the idea of going back to school.  The thing that excited me the most was shopping for backpacks and school clothing. I mean really, getting new school gear, was the highlight of at the end of summer. Sort of marked the summer was officially over and the school was to begin.



 Now, as a mom, it seems like school has just gotten out, and already I have to think about what to buy for my son in order to get him ready to go back school.  It is not even August yet.  He actually goes back to school earlier this year(before Labor Day) which has me scrambling to find great deals on boys' clothing, backpacks, and other school accessories that he might need. It is a good thing that I love to shop! I don't take him with me because he would mostly complain of being bored. I try to do most of my shopping without him or online!

If your son is anything like my son, he has likely outgrown all his clothes from last year, and even if he hasn’t, it’s fun to go back to school in new clothes! You can buy all sorts of boys clothing and accessories from our online boys clothing boutique – dinosaur shirts and hats, pirate rain gear, monster shirts, and so much more!


You’ll probably still have to go to the mall for school supplies like folders, binders, markers and so on, but if you need a new backpack for your boy to stow all that stuff in, our online boys' clothing boutique is a great place to find one. Our boys’ outer space backpacks are perfect for preschoolers and up to first grade. Measuring 12x10x4.5 inches, these backpacks are small enough that they won’t overwhelm a toddler, but big enough to hold books and folders, even an extra sweater and a lunch. And the space illustrations are pretty awesome!


For a bigger boy, the boys’ pirate backpack is perfect. It’s a roomy 14.5x11.5x4.5 inches. As a mom, you’ll appreciate the vinyl exterior and interior that’s so easy to keep clean. And your young buccaneer will feel like the hippest pirate ever, toting this skull-and-crossbones patterned backpack. Of course he wouldn’t want to lose something this cool, so there’s even a tag on the front zipper pocket where he can write his name!


Happy Shopping!

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