Friday, June 28, 2013

Rainy Days Happen

Rainy Days Happen – Check out Rain Gear for Your Boy

Boys love to play in the rain, and usually they don’t mind getting wet. In fact, it’s a big adventure for them, getting soaked to the skin, pretending they’re in a storm at sea or struggling to find their way through a monsoon on an alien planet! But sometimes Mom doesn’t want her little adventurer to get wet, especially if she’s sending him off to school or daycare. That’s when rain coats and umbrellas are important, so he’s not sitting around in wet clothes all day.



Rain gear for boys needs to be utilitarian, but there’s no reason why it can’t also be fun and stylish. Our boys clothing boutique has a great selection of rain gear your boy will be delighted to wear.

It’s a universal truth that little boys like dinosaurs, so you can’t go wrong with a dinosaur umbrella. It’s strong and durable, and loads of fun. You can bet that your boy will love to carry it, and probably all his friends will want one as well. Or, if you’ve got a budding astronaut, blast him off to school in style with our cool outer space umbrella! And don’t forget the young pirate ship captain in your family – our pirate umbrella will keep him dry, unless he’s captured by a rival gang of pirates and made to walk the plank, in which case an umbrella probably won’t be much help.


For days when the wind is too high to make an umbrella practical, a dinosaur raincoat is just the thing. Your little boy will love the frolicking dinosaurs on the front of the jacket, and the stegosaurus armor on the sleeves is great fun - watch him lumber off into the rain, knowing that a bit of bad weather isn’t going to stop Dino Boy! Or if he’s more of a young Sir Galahad type, we have just the thing – a raincoat that looks like a suit of armor, complete with helmet and dragon!

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